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All Volcanoes Have Erupted, What Happens Next

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  • 1 year ago
Approaching the shores of Sicily, you're enjoying the views. The wind brings pleasant coolness, and you anticipate your vacation. But suddenly, the boat shakes, and you lose balance. You look up and see a huge plume of black smoke rising above the Etna volcano...

And then … all volcanoes on Earth start erupting at once. Almost immediately they bring disaster to their surrounding areas with hot lava and rockfall. As soon as that stops, smoke rises into the atmosphere, and ash starts falling to the ground. It looks like snow, only black. What will happen next?

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Active volcanoes 0:46
Sleeping volcanoes 1:35
Underwater volcanoes 2:00
Supervolcanoes 2:40
What if they erupted at once? 2:57
Greenhouse effect 4:13
Life is nonexistent 5:20
Earth is recovering 5:55
Evolution kicks in 6:55
What are the chances of having such a disaster? 7:59

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-The active volcanoes, like Etna in Sicily, will start spitting fire and rocks. They haven't been slumbering to start with, so the magma at their core is hot and volatile.
-Other volcanoes will have been sleeping for too long, and their stock of lava wasn't that huge to begin with, so they won't really make a blast.
-Most volcanoes are underwater, so their eruptions will be very different. When a submerged volcano erupts, no one on the surface will even notice it if they're just a bit away.
-There are only four supervolcanoes on the planet, the most famous being the Yellowstone supervolcano.
-Almost immediately volcanoes bring disaster to their surrounding areas with hot lava and rockfall. As soon as that stops, smoke rises into the atmosphere, and ash starts falling to the ground. It blankets all surfaces, smothering grass, trees, and bushes, and they stop producing oxygen.
-CO2 is a greenhouse gas, and after a while its high concentration in the atmosphere will warm up the planet again. Soon, the temperatures will rise to unbearable values, and it’ll be scalding hot until CO2 goes away at least in part.
-About 95% of all living things are gone — it’s basically the same as what happened when a meteorite struck the planet in the era of dinosaurs.
-When carbon dioxide dissipates and the temperature returns to more or less normal, plants will start appearing.
-New and bigger species appear. They continue evolving and growing. At some point in the distant future, there appears the first species that learns to use tools.
-Scientists point out there has never been an eruption of this kind on Earth, and there’s no indication it might happen in the future.

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