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Amazing MAGNETIC Silly Putty - DIY

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  • 9 years ago
-We use ordinary Silly Putty and added copy machine toner powder to it until it was completely black. The toner did not change the characteristics of the silly putty and I probably added close to a tablespoon of the powder to the 2.5 ounce ball of Silly Putty.
(this is about 10 Silly Putty egg's worth)
Once the toner is mixed with the silly putting it doesn't stain as it is fully suspended inside.
Health and Safety Information:
Several people have stated that copy machine toner causes cancer and other health problems. According to the MSDS sheet for copy machine toner:
None of the ingredients are classified as carcinogens according to EU, IARC, MAK, NTP, OSHA and ACGIH. It is also, NOT classified as hazardous.
Link to MSDS sheet:
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