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Amiga 500 Longplay [040] The Amazing Spiderman

World of Longplays Follow
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  • 7 years ago

Played by: Ironclaw


The controls sucks so hard, but I kinda got used to them at the end, but even if I was more pro with the controls, Spidey would sometimes just spin around in one spot and breakdance and stuff before I could make him do what I wanted. Often he gets stuck and only way out is to jump which caused many deaths (not included in the longplay of course).

The collision detection with the walls are also pretty bad. I included a couple of examples at the end, also some other things.

In my opinion, this game is too hard, it would take someone a life time to get through it. Even if you figure all the things out, it's a BITCH do manage to do them. But I still bet there's got to be someone out there who has completed it without any form of help.

I used SOOOO many save states as it's so easy to do something wrong. Because of this I won't load/redo whenever I spend too much time on something before I succeed (as it's a PAIN in WinUAE), only did it if it took TOO long.

The web was almost useless to hang from, it wouldn't stick most of the time and just break.

One of the most annoying parts were at 1:00:12. Once you got the robot/whatever to the right side, you had to quickly leave the screen before he could walk to the button on the right, and it wasn't easy, because the gravity makes you fly back up, so when you exited the screen to the south, you flew back up again. Climbing the walls wasn't possible, only a straight line of web worked and was sooooo hard to pull off, and it also broke sometimes if it wasn't perfect, and if Spidey too wasn't in the perfect position (not too far to the left or right, and must face down and must be straight with the body), doing this with the unresponsive controls was HARD. If I flew back up like 2 or more times, it would be too late and I had to redo it and get him to move from left to right again (even that part wasn't easy to do).

I got stuck for hours on the damn hats, there were 8 of them (I think) which had to be tilted/leaning in the right order, or some stuff would block an entrance/exit. I got help from a C64 longplay, but some of those super small details didn't catch my eyes, I thought he had them ALL (except two) tilted, but found out later when I googled and found a walkthrough for the AMIGA version (just text and pictures, wasn't video so only checked YouTube) with proper quality pictures and stuff of how they should be, then went back to the C64 longplay and noticed the detail I missed. Imagine those who play the game for the first time, they have to go back and forth between the rooms (the one with ONE hat-guy and an exit at the top a few screens to the left of the room with 5 hat-guys) trying all different combinations before they find out, that's a lot of traveling and combinations. But this part was nothing compared to some of the other things. A lot of stuff just doesn't make sense and I often thought "how they hell are you supposed to 'know'/'figure out' that?!"

57:10 - meh, can't crawl on the other two, only this third one, yet they all all have green shit on them.

I just BARELY made top place in the highscores, could have gotten more if I explored the two helicopter places in the beginning, but meh, never care about scores.

Sooo, as I mentioned earlier, I added some extra stuff at the end, like bugs when I go through walls. 1:03:16 is not a bug, just how annoying the controls are. I paid Mary Jane an early visit and the bitch killed me.
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