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Amiga 500 Longplay [049] Monkey Island

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  • 6 years ago

Played by: Ironclaw

Subscribe: http://tinyurl.com/iamironclawsub
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IronclawFTW
My website: http://www.iamironclaw.com

For the first time in my life I see why this game is so famous and got top ratings. I played this game for the first time when I was a kid, didn't complete it. My usual tactic in games like this is to just use everything on everything with everything till something new was done right. I never really read everything the characters said, never immersed myself in the story, jokes, anything. Same thing when I did my first longplay of this game over 7 years ago, just went with a walkthrough and zombi-like went through the game.

This time I did it differently. I researched everything on the game so I wouldn't miss any of the best things (at least I hope I didn't miss anything too important), read every dialogue, asked every question and answered with every possible answer, but can not show all of those as I used savestates to go back and try other alternatives. So, I went with the "paths" I thought "gave" the most. There's a lot of dialogue in this game and even though I've read it all (or most of it), I decided to keep some of it out as too much talking can be boring, so I might end some conversations early and may not even talk to certain characters.

The Amiga version has been longplayed several times by different people, and they all fail in one or more ways, like: runs slow as hell!, bad frame rate, not cropped, super low image and sound quality, LOOOONG ass loading times, skipped all or most of the talking, rushed through the game, didn't include the entire intro or ending, skipped Easter eggs and the second ending (yeah, there's 2 endings), etc. Thus, a new PROPER version was very much needed, and that's hopefully this one.

When you fight the pirates to learn the different insults and comebacks, and one says "How! You're good enough to fight the Sword Master.", you can then challenge the Sword Master, but it can be hard to win as the insults she throws at you are random, and you don't have all the comebacks yet. So, I could either keep fighting the pirates and learn them all, or challenge her... I decided to get a few more before facing her (wouldn't have to because of save states, but did anyway). This fighting pirates to gather them all is sooo boring, which is the main reason I stopped there and went to her.

These are the ones I didn't bother to learn: http://tinyurl.com/kydawsa

The mouse I used suck, so I decided to do things using the shortcuts instead.

At 01:33:00 I went back as I forgot to read the note. It's not needed, but it's funny and informative :P

This "Last Part" message at 02:36:57 only lasted for about 0.2 seconds. I thought it might be because I ran the game from a harddrive, but that shouldn't be it because the other parts played properly. I checked a couple of longplays by others, same thing in those. The other longplays have long loading times, so they probably played from floppies. Wonder if this is a bug with the game, or emulator problem, OR maybe the people who made the game didn't want it to last longer for some reason. Anyway, I "fixed it".

I don't like how I keep leaving the door to the store open :P, so from this point on, I close it: 01:43:18. Leaving it open just looks bad, doesn't keep the heat inside, bugs and stuff could crawl in, AND it's just proper manner to close it behind you when you leave or enter.

At the end where I finish LeChuck off with the root beer, if I let him hit me instead, I just fly randomly between this place and the sword trainer's.

00:02:41 - Part One: The Three Trials
01:50:13 - Part Two: The Journey
01:58:16 - Part Three: Under Monkey Island
02:36:57 - Last Part: Guybrush kicks butt

Bonus stuff:

02:46:38 - Alternative ending. This is the TRUE ending, IMO.
02:48:13 - Sinking the ship (gives the alternative ending).
02:48:36 - Guybrush DIES!... almost. They poke fun of the deaths in Sierra games.
02:48:55 - Each time you escape the hut, they upgrade the security (up to 3 times).
02:49:10 - Guybrush dies FOR REAL this time! Takes about 10 minutes, as that's how long he can hold his breath (00:09:19).
02:50:51 - This is the reason why they deserved the fate they got in the alternative ending.
02:52:14 - I never bothered with this bottle, so thought I would include it here instead.

I wanted to include the "Insert disk 22" tree stump Easter egg, but it's only available in the early versions on PC.

Pressing CTRL+W will prompt "Are you sure you want to win? (Y/N)". Pressing "Y" shows a black screen with the text "You Win", then "You scored 800 out of 800 points.", then you just see the normal credits where everything before is left out, like the part with Guybrush, Elaine and fireworks.
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