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Amiga 500 Longplay [129] Suburban Commando

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  • 9 months ago

Played by: Ironclaw

Subscribe: http://tinyurl.com/iamironclawsub
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IronclawFTW

Two versions exist: "(Alternative)[0959]", and "(Alternative)[compilation Sci-Fi Collection, The][1943]". At first look there seem to be no difference between them. I longplayed this game 6 years ago and just HAD to do this new longplay of it as the old one sucked HARD. I looked at my old longplay while recording/playing this new version and noticed some of the diamonds on the last level were not in the same place as the game version I was playing, so I assume my old longplay was made with the "[1943]" (SPS number) one, as the one I did now was "[0959]". My first thought when I didn't see a diamonds where there should be one was "Oh no, not again!", as a lot of these SPS/IPF floppy versions I play have some weird protection problem, so I was almost sure this was one. But luckily noticed later they were just in different places... whew :)

I did also think that maybe they were randomly placed each game, but nope. Then thought maybe it had something to do with the difficulty chosen? Nope. I just find it weird these 2 versions differ at all, and in THIS way. Everything else on the other levels were identical, as far as I noticed.

07:00 - I didn't forget to put the bomb there the first few times I was here, but as I use savestates and replay some parts over and over again until I get it right (not getting hit too much and stuff), I forgot to put the bomb there the last time when things went right, even though it didn't as I missed it, but didn't notice until later.

08:07 - No matter how many times I tried, I couldn't kill the enemy floating above me. It always hit me first and I bounced off. I tried flying kicks, uppercuts, normal punch, nothing worked.

08:57/15:47 - You can't jump in some areas of the game because of the ground.

13:13 - It's funny how this bird sound the same as when a bad guy dies :) (human voice, or whatever to call it). Same when killing those cement spitting/throwing thingies.

Most bosses can pretty much be thrown until they die; just grab them again once they get up, but that's no fun and would make for a boring fight + I wouldn't show off our moves. Could have killed all bosses several times faster. I do the throw more often later anyway after the boss has showed his moves. BTW, holding down (crouching/ducking) when a boss is dead won't trigger the winning move/animation.

A bit wonky collision detection

01:05 - Level 1
05:58 - Level 2
12:21 - Level 3
18:30 - Level 4
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