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Amiga Longplay The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain Am...

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  • 10 years ago

Played by: Ironclaw

Game release year: 1989


Why do they make these games run so choppy? Like 10fps. There's no reason for it. I could speed up the game but then it was just too hard to play and would look bad anyway, same jerky motions but faster... would look like they had seizures or something and teleporting around in short distances, so I kept it "original" going with A500 speed.

I recorded this game cuz they are making a Captain America movie, so it got me thinking about this crap game....BUT it's not enough for me to wanna record this, so I did it more cuz of the sort of cool and long title :P

This game is SUPER hard and you only have ONE life. So I had to play it very carefully so my health would last all the way by finding their weaknesses. It's like impossible to not get hit if you don't find these tactics... I played several times on each enemy to find the best spot and moves to use. Some enemies couldn't even hit me when I stood in certain spots or when I used certain attacks over and over again. So, if I wasn't lucky finding these, I would never make it through this game as it is super mega hard. Luckily I had persistence and the coders sucked. The toughest of them all was the Grey Gargoyle, whatever I tried he rushed my health down to 0 in no time.... so that fight is a bit slow as the only way I could beat him was by doing what I do and waiting for my legs to hit him. If I stopped doing that and did anything else he pwns me fast.

And btw, at 22:47, it's not bad editing, he dies there and comes back with a bit of health, so he needs to be killed twice.
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