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Amiga Longplay The Town With No Name (CDTV)

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  • 10 years ago

Played by: Ironclaw

Game release year: 1992

Worst CD game of all time? Hmm, don't know.

00:28 - tutorial
02:19 - game
21:33 - what happens when you shoot close but miss the first enemy
21:53 - death 1
22:14 - death 2
22:27 - death 3
22:39 - game over
22:55 - the making of 'The Town With No Name' (so they call it, but I don't really see it as a "making of" thingy

I've done everything in this game I can think of, been to all places, done all the stuff you can do in them etc, but there are still more wanted posters in the rogue's gallery that are not crossed, and according to the screenshots over at Hall of Light (amiga game place), there seems to be more villains in the game, but I've done all I can and couldn't discover more stuff.

This game was a pain to emulate. I first played it in the latest version of WinUAE (2.3.1) and sat for like 3 hours trying to get the voices (they are cd tracks) to play properly, but no matter what I did the voices always started like 4 secs after the characters began to talk resulting in missing most of the speech. So I went back to my fav version (2.1.0) and immediately on my first try (running default quick config for CDTV) I got the sound to play tons better, no more 4 sec delay before they start to talk. Everything was still not perfect as most speech cuts off too early at the end and nothing I did could make it play better. So I settled with what I had. Now I had another problem, seems like WinUAE can't capture the audio from the cd tracks when recording, so my video was left with everything else but the cd audio. So, I had no choice but to use Fraps, which sucks. What's good about recording in WinUAE is that no matter how slow your computer is, no matter how busy your harddrive is, not even if while playing and recording at the same time and the game gets sound and video hickups, the result video will always result in perfect sound and no frames lost (unless the game itself is damaged). But with Fraps I don't have this luxury, so you will notice lots of sound hiccups and clicks.
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