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Angel Star Road [エンジェルスターロード] Game Sample - PC/Douji...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 11 years ago
Angel Star Road is the little known creation after Keropyon's semi-popular "Crimson Alive" fighter. Like CA, ASR is an all-girl fighter (though CA had a couple of misc. things like robots and such) and it has been expanded upon much like CA with newer characters as time passed. This is the final version of ASR, known as "Angel Star Road: Champion Carnival World GP 2008"...and yes, that does seem like more of a sentence than a title.

This version of the game has 18 playable characters (though one is different only due to a change in their ultimate attack) and a final boss who is an unplayable version of a standard character; she is cheaper and has a couple of altered attributes. ASR prides itself on being more of a wrestling style game and every character has multiple throws. Throws are helpful and can even start and end combos. However, as you will see in this video, the game is essentially still based on punches, kicks, and special moves more than just throws. Burning Angels (from Retsuzan) probably places more emphasis on throws and wrestling than other doujin fighters I've currently played.

Different characters have different attributes and speeds and such that will factor into how much they can combo (special cancels, etc.) so learning the characters can be a little interesting. The game also has a parry system that can be used to gain super meter while quick canceling to attack a vulnerable opponent. The parrying is definitely more lax than most other fighters I've played with a "generous" amount of time to start the parry before a hit actually comes in contact with you. The visuals are pretty good, though the music is pretty generic (it's okay, but seems to be FM2K presets...could be wrong). It's a quality game overall.

You can get the game at:

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