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Angry Canadian Feb 4, 2020 - Trudeau goes to Africa...

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  • 1 year ago
Nothing to worry about? Really? Global Derivatives: $1.5 Quadrillion Time Bomb
China Unveils Stunning "Community Lockdown" In Nanjing, Unreported Sick Will Be Punishable By Law
Nanjing is home to 8.35 million people - this has to be the largest enforcement of martial law in history.
Rush Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer, the most significant conservative broadcaster ever.
Trudeau goes to Africa, goal, campaign for voted for Canada to join the UN Security Council..
When investing becomes gambling, bad endings follow. The next credit crunch could make 2008-09 look mild by comparison. Bank of International Settlements(BIS) data show around $700 trillion in global derivatives.

Along with credit default swaps and other exotic instruments, the total notional derivatives value is about $1.5 quadrillion – about 20% more than in 2008, beyond what anyone can conceive, let alone control if unexpected turmoil strikes.
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"Peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure". Louis John Cole (born 28 April 1983), better known by his online pseudonym FunforLouis, is a British film-maker and internet personality from Cobham,...

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