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Another Force [アナザーフォース] Game Sample - PC/Doujin...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
  • Video description
  • 9 years ago
Whooo... it's been a pretty slow year folks. Quite a bit has happened that has kept us from being on YT (you can read up on some of that from our last bulletin/discussion), but we'd like to be more active from this point forward. I'll keep this one brief: Another Force is yet another 2D Fighter Maker title in progress that is freely available to the public. Featuring one-on-one, two-on-two and survival matches, the game is your typical fighting fare. The game's main distinctions are the "Freedom" system (similar to Guilty Gear's "Roman Cancel" mechanic, though not as flexible) and the incorporation of "Another Force" skills, which can be used as characters fight during matches and fill up a secondary gauge that gives players the letters A and F. While you usually only need one letter to pull off these moves, successfully using "Freedom" and "AF" skills can maximize your damage and combo potential. This is a video of the game in action. You can get the game at:


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