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Apple Pencil Inking in Procreate - Manga on iPad Pro!

NihongoGamer Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 years ago
Time to take a closer look at some real world comic drawing on iPad Pro using highly acclaimed Apple Pencil! This time we're using Procreate App for iPad Pro to take advantage of the incredibly smooth brush engine and custom brush tools. In order to give you the best demonstration of how well the Apple Pencil performs I've left this video more or less uncut so you can gauge yourself wether the stylus performs to your needs.

The first Apple Pencil in Action video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av3r5c18tjw

In general I was unbelievably impressed. Originally I had judged the Apple Pencil as a fair step behind the mighty Wacom Cintiq, but after completing a full page of inking I'd be quite happy to do it again. Software is still catching up with PC/Mac apps so we'll have to wait until Medibang Paint and Procreate catch up in terms of comic features like paneling, tone and ruler tools. But for now, you can definitely create some professional level comics on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Quite confident about that.

Here are the timings for the different sections of the video if you want to skip around -
00:04:15 - Panel 1
00:13:27 - Panel 3 (middle left)
00:18:43 - Panel 2 (middle right)
00:28:42 - Panel 4 (bottom right)
00:40:12 - Panel 6 (bottom left corner)
00:42:56 - Panel 5 (bottom left)
00:48:18 - Speech Bubbles
00:57:40 - Simple Speed Lines
01:00:02 - Simple Shading

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