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Arcade Longplay [229] Daytona USA

World of Longplays Follow
  • Video description
  • 9 years ago

Played By: Uncle Bone

Daytona usa is one of the highest grossing arcades of all time, and one
of the most respected arcade racing games ever made, but poorly ported
on most plataforms.

00:00 Atract mode video of all 3 stages
03:06 Beginner course
07:12 Advanced course
12:01 Expert course

i used some of the easter egg music that is played when you
use some specific initials on your name on a record, the
ones shown are:

A.B - After Burner, at the end of the begginer track
V.R - Virtua Racing, at the end of the advanced track
P.D - Power Drift, at the end of the expert track
*there are many others, i picked my 3 favorites for this video.

Played using the m2 emulator, version 1.0, the virtual arcade machine is set to the "deluxe cabinet", on normal dificulty, without network support (single machine)

i have acess to the actual real hardware, but record offscreen video from a crt monitor would simply suck.

the screen output of the emulator "mostly matches" the arcade, but the emulation have some minor bugs in geometry (mostly z fighting in the shadows and tress, also some "lack of zbuffer" usage on some geometry)

i tried to be mostly completionist in this video, showed the atract mode (with sound enabled) on all 3 track, and played the tracks in order, aiming to the first place, to show the "game credits" in the end of each race.
in each "record" screen, i used one of the avaible easter eggs of classic music from other sega games.

Beginner course, signed A.B. (plays After Burner music)
Advanced course, signed V.R. (plays Virtua Racing music)
Expert course, signed P.D. (plays Power Drift music)
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