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Are there any exercises that lift, prevent sagging o...

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  • 4 years ago
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"What are some exercises to lift the boobs or keep them from sagging?" - sfptiu, YouTube

Before we get started here, it's important to note that breast tissue is made of fat, so there is no way to make your actual "breasts" bigger through exercise. The chest muscles (pectoralis minor and pectoralis major) underneath the breast tissue however can respond to exercise and may in turn help reduce the appearance sagging in the breast tissue area.

Since breast tissue is composed of fat, you may also notice that your breast size reduces if you reduce your overall body fat. Sadly, there is no way to keep fat in one area of your body (like your breasts) while losing it in others (like your belly), so reducing your chest size may be one outcome of successful body fat reduction.

Let's talk anatomy for a second:

The pectoralis major is a fan shaped muscle that lies under the breast tissue in women.

The pectoralis minor, like it sounds, is smaller and shaped like a triangle. It's located at the upper part of the chest, beneath the pectoralis major muscle.

Push ups, chest presses and flyes are all great exercises that target this pair of muscles.

It's important to not just focus on training the chest however. You'll want to incorporate these types of exercises into a complete program that works your entire body to ensure all over muscle development in order to avoid imbalances and injury in the body.

It's a great idea to strengthen the back with the chest by alternating pushing and pulling exercises, for example. Many of our strength workouts here on JESSICASMITHTV feature this type of balanced training.

Here are a few upper body workouts that we recommend that effectively target the chest area (along with other muscle groups) for maximum results:

20-Minute Armed and Dangerous http://youtu.be/4fXLwqwxrY0

30-Minute Weight Loss Sculpt http://youtu.be/dzZTHkJWeKc

30-Minute Strength Training for Women http://youtu.be/Ugu9XF3p-oI

Thanks for your great question... hope that helps answer it!

Got a question for me? Leave it in the comments below and I may answer it in an upcoming #QandAWed episode!

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