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Argentine Street Food in Miami - Chorizo, Morcilla &...

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  • 2 years ago
? RINCON ARGENTINO: https://www.rinconargentino.com/
? WATCH: Miami Food Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPLbtFUhcLw&list=PLJBsszXPtjynh_OKdDuZFcwemrgHGHF8n

My hometown of Miami, Florida is a massive hub for Latin-American culture and cuisines, so I knew I had to try some Argentine street food as part of my epic Miami Street Food series! Come along with me and my wife Ana as we try Argentine street food in Miami!

We arrived at Rincon Argentino in Coral Gables, one of the best and most authentic Argentine restaurants in Miami. In the kitchen, Matias showed me the asador, which is the method they use to cook their meat. They were grilling lamb, bone-in ribeyes, shortribs, and more. They smoke it for six hours and cooks so that the juices run down the meat.

They also had provolenta, which is a type of cheese, along with morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo, a la molleja (glands).

At our table, we had part of our feast, which included morcilla, beans, empanadas, provolenta, chorizo, barilla sausage, las mollejas, and more!

The provolenta has prosciutto, red pepper, tomatoes, and oregano on top. It was moist, with a burst of juiciness from the tomatoes and a nice kick of salt from the prosciutto. I also loved the oregano throughout.

Next, we had a wine from Mendoza, the most famous wine region in Argentina. Then, we tried the chorizo and barilla sausage. The barilla sausage was salty and full of herbs, while the chorizo was super juicy and cooked to perfection.

The morcilla is very soft and bloody in the center. I love the flavors and textures. It completely falls apart in your mouth! It’s like a meaty blood pudding!

Next was a fried beef empanada. It contained a boiled egg and onions as well. The minced meat was juicy, and the crust was crispy without being too deep-fried.

The molleja, or sweetbreads, were next! They’re quite fatty but are full of flavor, and come with red pepper and tomatoes. The lemon helps cut the fat!

The main course were shortribs, ribeye, and papas caseras. These are more family-style dishes rather than street food. Both meats had been cooking for six hours. The papas caseras are basically potato chips. They’re crunchy and super tasty!

The shortrib was perfectly cooked with a pink interior and a nice fat cap on top, along with a crispy, charcoal crust. It was so tender! It was unreal and so flavorful!

Next was the ribeye, which is one of the more tender parts of the cow. It was super juicy and was nice and medium. I loved the way they grilled their meats. It makes such a huge difference in the flavor!

Then, I headed back to the kitchen where they were making 5 different desserts, including pana cotta with crumbled cookies on top; balcarce with peaches, whipped cream, and meringue; crepes with dulce de leche and vanilla; crème brulee, and chocolate mousse.

The crème brulee was caramelized on top but super creamy in the middle. I loved the burnt top! It was too good! Next were the crepes, which I had only seen in Argentina. The dulce de leche oozes out. Ana tried it with the ice cream. It was so sweet and decadent!

The balcarce is an Argentine-style peaches and cream cake with meringue. It’s fluffy and has dulce de leche on the plate. It’s extremely decadent! And next was the pana cotta, which had raspberries as well as cookies on top. It’s basically thickened cream with gelatin in it. It’s a very Italian dish, because a huge portion of the people in Argentina are descended from Italy.

We finished with the chocolate mousse with whipped cream, strawberries, and mint. It was so rich and creamy. The strawberries add a nice, summer twist!

Ana loved the chorizo and shortrib, while my favorites were the shortrib, mollejas, the morcilla, and the pana cotta.

Where have you been?

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