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Ask Anything Q+A | My Insecurities + Blogger Intimid...

Ashley Brooke Follow
  • Video description
  • 3 years ago
Hi everyone! I haven't done a Q+A in a while, and since I'm in Texas I thought I would go ahead and shoot one. I added time stamps below if you want to fast forward :)

Get your NYC streets T here! https://goo.gl/zWJ8Vn

57 sec - Who are all of the members of your team and what do they do?
2:22 - If you could work with any brand, what brand would it be?  Would you rather ride roller coasters all day or Lick the bottom of your show after walking around the city?
3:13 - What motivated you to start your Youtube channel?
4:11 - What makes your style different from any other Fashion Youtuber/Blogger?
4:52 - What is your go-to nail color?
5:09 - What is your biggest inspiration and motivation to work each day and stay positive?
5:51 - Have you ever struggled with any mental illness or personal obstacles and how did you overcome them?
6:45 - What is your usual day to day life?  How do you structure it to get work done?  How do you work from home?
8:13 - How much money do you and Ryan put away in savings per month?
9:01 - Key tips to developing a personal style?
9:29 - What breed is your dog? Do you and Ryan want kids and are you planning on moving back to Texas?
9:50 - how do you and Ryan deal when you are upset with each other? and your number 1 tip to grow your audience?  Do you use instagram hashtags?
11:43 - When you your LifebyHer T-shirts going to be available?
12:44 - How did you know for sure that you wanted to go Vegan?
13:22 - How do you suggest couples handle finances together when they live together?
14:15 - What is your current role in the fashion industry?
16:08 - What were you like in High School?  Any tips for High School seniors?
16:44 - Do you have a Trader Joe’s near  you?  If so, why don’t you shop there?
17:02 - What is your go-to Vegan dessert that satisfies your chocolate cravings?
17:32 - Have you and Ryan ever gone engagement ring shopping?  If so, what do you want?
17:50 - How do you get free samples?
18:16 - What is each of your favorite of your favorite thing to do for your me time?
19:00 - Why don’t you do How to Style Video’s anymore?
19:30 - What is your #1 beauty secret?
19:48 -Where do you get your fashion inspo from?
20:04 - What toothpaste are you using?
20:08 - Were you afraid of what people thought about you when you started Youtube?
21:13 - Have you always been so confident about your personality?  and how do you deal with insecurities?
22:50 - How many hours do you sleep at night?  Do you both go to bed at the same time?
23:13 - Is there anything you regret about moving to NYC?
23:25 - Would you ever consider yourself famous?
23:30 - What would you say to your 17 year old self?
24:10 - How do you manage to keep everything under control?  Tips for becoming a Youtuber?
24:44 - What exactly does Ryan do?  How does he work, but is with you all the time?
27:51 - Do you have fillers in your lips?
28:48 - Is the ring you wear on your wedding finger a promise ring?
28:56 - How did you get Ryan to help you record so many videos in the beginning when you were both still working?
29:29 - Do you recommend easing into a plant based diet or all in?
29:52 - If you could go back in time, what is one thing that you would absolutely do and 1 thing that you would not do?

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