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Ask GN 106: Is AMD Losing Money on Radeon VII? Are P...

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  • 6 months ago
This Ask GN episode has excellent audience questions on Radeon VII, review ethics and payment, GPU technology, and more.
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00:54 - Why’d You Stop Doing 4K Videos?

That Time Snowflake Ate the Script

02:29 - Skylancer727: “Snowflake! You're the best! Steve, I love you man, but Snowflake is far better than you, even if you are Cyber Jesus. I still love that video where Snowflake ate your script.”

How Much Do GPUs Still Use Task-Specific Hardware?

03:04 – nintendoeats: “#askgn-questions @Steve Burke In the early days of 3D accelerator cards, dedicated pipelines and fixed-function hardware engines were an important part of overall performance (provided that game developers targeted those features). With the prevalance of GPGPU and more abstracted APIs like DX11, I'm wondering if this is still true. It seems as though the bulk of a modern graphics card's performance comes from having a processor which is turing-complete, but sacrifices fast integer calculations to pursue improvements in matrix and vector math. Are these really two different paradigms? How much of the speed of a modern GPU owes itself to task-specific hardware? I'm particularly curious about where tesselation falls in this discussion. Thanks as ever for the great work!”

Are Paid Reviews Really That Bad?

05:32 - Roger Lost: “is "paying for an review" necessarily a bad thing (so long as they aren't paying you for a biased review)? They're just offering to compensate you for your time.”

Who Is GN Jim?

17:45 - BigMike1294: “#askgn-questions @Steve Burke Who is Jim?”

Are Ex-Mining Motherboards Risky?

19:31 - Bavor_NA: “#askgn-questions It seems that there are many different opinions about buying used graphics cards that were used for cryptocurrency mining. What are the risks, if any, with buying motherboards that were sued for cryptocurrency mining? I've seen quite a few motherboards that were used for cryptocurrency mining on ebay and various forums for $20-$35 each with free shipping. Some of them are the ones that were marketed for mining, and others are just regular motherboards. Would there be any issues with using a motherboard that was used for cryptocurrency mining?”

Why Does AMD Use HBM & Memory Price Follow-Up?

23:15 - El pi: “#askgn-questions @Steve Burke I was wondering if you'll soon do any memory pricing status, post CES. Like you did with GD5 vs HBM and why AMD chose the latter for Vega, and you can combine that with DDR4 pricing as well, so you can get a 2 in 1, let's say. It'd be interesting to see how GDDR6 goes against HBM2, and what will happen (or at least speculate) with GDDR5X and GDDR5...like, they'll still be used for mid to low end cards, say a non-RTX card, or a soon Navi low end card, just to get rid of supply, if there's much left.”

Is AMD Making Money on Radeon VII?

25:58 - Scooby Dooby: “@Steve Burke Is AMD making any money off of Radeon VII? 16 GB of HBM2? 7nm? :confused:”

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Josh Svoboda
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