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Ask GN 63: Static Pressure vs. Airflow Fans, "Delid"...

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  • 2 years ago
This episode of Ask GN talks about the "golden age of computers," "delidding" for GPUs, reference cards, static pressure vs. airflow fans, and more.
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Golden Age of Computer Tech?

00:56 – waffle: “Are we in the golden age of computer tech? Like, is this a "what a time to be alive" time? For all the complaining about memory and GPU prices, I get the vibe from content creators that there is some really neat tech worth being really excited over. So what do you think @Steve Burke? Maybe give us some general perspective on either how great or how not so great these times are?”

“Delidding” a GPU & Liquid Metal

06:37 – delatroy: “Hi steve. Like the 7700k/8700k, are there any meaningful thermal gains to be had by delidding a non-reference Nvidia 1080ti and replacing the TIM with liquid metal? Similarly, is it worth replacing the TIM between the heat spreader and heat sink? I love your cat! Thanks!”

When Do Reference Cards Suck?

10:12 – Hakaru: “Iv got a question (maybe one buildzoid could shed as me light on). You always say reference cards should be avoided, is that solely due to poor coolers or does the PCB also suck? After looking at various reference vrms they all seem overbuilt ( Vega and even the rx480 and 1080/70) so if I were to be replacing the cooler with an aftermarket one anyway would a reference card be advisable as it would save some money and help recoup the cost of the aftermarket cooler?”

Static Pressure vs. Airflow Fans

13:05 - Muahdib76: “Question for Ask GN. I'm looking to find out what type of case fan to use in certain parts of the case. I use a High Airflow fan for the back exhaust and High Static pressure fans for AIO's. Where the question comes is should I use a High Airflow fan{s} or High Static Pressure fan{s} for the the front intake or any intake that has a filter on it. What about a case that has a front intake with filter and about an inch of clearance from the front panel. I have 2 cases, the Corsair Carbide 600c and Fractal Meshify C. Fan recommendations? Thanks!”

AMD “Losing Marketshare” on Steam

18:32 – davekorbiger: “Hi! According to the Steam hardware survey AMD has lost 6% of marketshare last month and more than 10% since Ryzen was launched. AMD is now just above 10%! I think Intel's better IPC and the fresh released Coffee lake CPUs (especially the 6-core i5 and 4-core i3) are responsible for this. Considering that Ryzen was supposed to make AMD more relevant, do you think Ryzen 2 will change that?”

21:18 - Rjfleming82: “@Steve Burke aisuite reports wattage consumed by CPU, using watts = current x voltage. I could derive current draw of CPU. Do u know if aisuite wattage is accurate?”

Will AIB Vega Cards Ever Exist?

23:04 – Soupa: “@Steve Burke #askgn-questions Any updates on AIB Vega cards? Seems like there are continued delays...”

AVX Offset Broken

24:16 – Liquidpaper: “@Steve Burke #askgn-questions I have a question concerning AVX offsets and Kaby Lake/Coffee Lake. Some people are reporting across multiple motherboards that AVX offsets don't always work on Kaby/Coffee lake platforms. @Sharkims and I both have this issue - the CPU clocks to whatever the AVX offset is, and that is it, regardless of AVX workload. I've done some digging and found that this problem exists regardless of Motherboard maufacturer -- ive seen this problem on ASRock, Gigabyte, ASUS, etc. Since you have far better connections than we do, do you think you could get an answer as to why this is happening? Thanks.”

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman
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