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Atari ST Longplay [009] Karateka

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  • 11 years ago

Played By: Georgc3

I admit that Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar was originally going to be my next longplay. But I decided to do this instead since no one did a walkthrough of this Game. Just a short demos that's it. So decided to do this game. I have seen someone play this on Apple II at the Boys & Girls Club when I was little. A really good classic side-scrolling beat 'em up game with 1-on-1 elements. This game was originally released for Apple II in 1984. Then ported to Atari 8-bit and NES later the same year and other platforms such as commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Dos, and other. This is the first time I played the Atari ST Version as I've only played the Dos and NES versions. There are no special moves here. All you have is basic punches and kicks, walk, and run and that's it.I first played on Steem Engine emulator. But somehow, the last level was buggy. It went blank for long periods of time preventing me from reaching the final boss. Then it went to Atari ST desktop screens. So I gave up on Steem emulator. So I used SainT emulator with avi output and it's emulated perfectly with no bugs able to reach the final boss and ending with no problems. I wanted to record this at 60 fps but only let me record up 50 fps so I'm stuck with this. I also made a lot of mistakes so Save States had to be use so they are corrected. If you want to play this game get SainT emulator instead. Use Steem Engine emulator for other games. This game was created by Jordan Mechner while he attended Yale University and Karate was a big hit. He is best known for creating the Original Prince of Persia in 1989. In Karateka, the object of the game is to save the princess kidnapped by Evil Akuma who destroyed your homeland. You as a warrior known as Karateka must fight each opponents who get in your way. You must also fight the trained falcon by Evil Akuma before facing him in a battle. This game has 2 endings. A bad one and a good one. Bad one comes first then good comes last. Bad ending at 42:11. Good Ending at 42:56.
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