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Azure Lane Crosswave Review | R3D Gaming PS4 Pro and...

Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming Follow
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  • 6 months ago
Azure Lane Crosswave Review | R3D Gaming PS4 Pro & PC Review! This is my review for #AzureLane #Crosswave! It's also available for the standard #PS4! Don't forget to thumbs up, comment and subscribe.
Written Review: https://wp.me/p6cLeO-pf

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About Azure Lane Crosswave
Each character belongs to a Nation participating in the Joint Military Exercise: Sakura Empire, Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Iron Blood, and Dragon Empery. Learn more about the Nations below!

Sakura Empire: An island nation in the east which abides by its culture of honor and tradition.

Eagle Union: The democratic federation which values the principles of freedom and harmony.

Royal Navy: The constitutional monarchy which prides itself in its glorious history of nobility.

Iron Blood: The military empire which strives for phenomenal advancements in technology.

Dragon Empery: A nation located on the eastern continent "Shinshu." It is called Dragon Empery by outsiders, but by citizens it is called Donphan.
Full-Time Secretary/Battle Support:
Secretary Ship: Appears on main menus when not engaged in battle. Secretary Ship can be a playable character or support character. Having a ship as your secretary can lead to some interesting events to happen!
Support: Can be selected to assist in battle. When certain conditions are met, support characters can perform different support skills such as attacks, buffs, and heals. Playable characters can also be deployed as support characters, lending a different set of skills than if they were controlled.


One the oldest members of the Sakura Empire who is also known as "Elder" and "Lady Mikasa." She made many achievements during years of strife, and helped make the Sakura Empire what it is today. She has retired herself from the nation's duties, but her influence still remains, and she will, at times, offer guidance to her juniors as well as jump into any interesting conversations she overhears. She is acting as support during the Joint Military Exercise, but she is dragged into a certain unexpected incident there.


A very kind and gentle lady. As Enterprise's older sister, she holds an incredible power, but she doesn't take on many missions as she would rather watch her juniors grow from them. She decides to join the Joint Military Exercise as support so that she can get a chance to see her siblings participate in this large-scale event. But, she's also attending as a member of the Eagle Union so that if something dire happens, she would be ready for battle.

A Royal Navy member with a gentle and endearing demeanor. In reality, she's a very intelligent part of the Big Seven. She abides by the code of honor as a noble, but also enjoys engaging in duels. She's defeated Bismarck in one of these battles before. She is very powerful, but views friendship being just as important as attaining victories. Because of this, she desires to one day have a chance of befriending many from other nations, such as Bismarck. As luck would have it, her opportunity to meet old friends would come true as she decides to join the Joint Military Exercise as support.
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