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BALI DREAM TRIP w/ PassportHeavy Gang ? Day 5 – Yac...

Livin That Life Follow
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  • 6 days ago
Day 5/5 of the 'dream trip' with PassportHeavy crew! I'm calling it the 'dream trip' because this IS the dream! Traveling with a bunch of internet business owners, a tropical island paradise, cameras & drones, jet skis, and a yacht! What more do you want?

Watch the official @PassportHeavy Nusa joint! https://youtu.be/dK8Pp5XF9sM

My Nusa BTS Vlogs Day 1-5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7O4K06EfBo&list=PLIsHX7vpse9k7W8WRFFuLNaqDwQBSio3_

My 'Visiting Bali?' Links:
• My Bali Guide videos (3):
• If you want to know everything I know about Bali, check out my Travel Boss Toolbox course ✈️ (Including 10+ videos on Visiting & Living in Bali) – https://academy.livinthatlife.com/p/travel-boss-toolbox

Full interview with Aaron Darko – The best online fitness coach in the world. https://youtu.be/UT1eFMuAuLU

All the Bali Trip Interviews:
Lars – How he travels full-time making money on Instagram: https://youtu.be/5ycsn7bAYek
Jubril – How much does PassportHeavy make on Youtube? https://youtu.be/2QPCL3CBims
Jubril 2 – The top 3 ways to fund your travels making money online: https://youtu.be/y3yLWzyha8g
Arnold – How to land your dream job thru Instagram: https://youtu.be/e45h0O5XPiY
Youri – College to full-time traveling filmmaker in 1 year: https://youtu.be/no_KJYfkHtw
Stephen – Homeless to Millionaire: https://youtu.be/TMKZpr9ls68
Aaron Darko 1 – The TRUTH about the health industry: https://youtu.be/kkQtP2zCN1k
Gavin – Buds dealer to $3M in Shopify sales: https://youtu.be/RX-ADvwdZds
Mike Vestil – College dropout to $100k in a year: https://youtu.be/IYy5knQfK6Y
All interviews playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkQtP2zCN1k&list=PLIsHX7vpse9k7W8WRFFuLNaqDwQBSio3_&index=8&t=0s

About the Nusa Islands: Nusa Penida island is about a 1-hour speedboat from Bali island. A smaller island Nusa Lembongan is right next to it, and Nusa Ceningan, even smaller is accessible by bridge from Lembongan. Lembongan is all about chill vibes, yoga, diving, and cruising around. I recommend hitting it for a couple nights if you are visiting Bali. Take a day trip to Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida which is the infamous dinosaur head Instagram picture.

My Business Links:
• My Amazon FBA School ?♻️→ http://livinthatlife.com/90dayfba
• The Best 10 Online Business Models to Start in 2020 Explained ?→ http://livinthatlife.com/start
• Daily Instagram ?→ https://instagram.com/livinthatlifetv
• Weekly Podcast ?→ https://livinthatlife.com/podcast
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