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Balkan Street Food in Miami - Cevapcici, Burek & Rak...

Davidsbeenhere Follow
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  • 2 years ago
? RAKIJA GRILL: https://rakijagrill.com/
? DAD: https://www.instagram.com/tomyhh
? WATCH: WHAT TO SEE & EAT IN SARAJEVO, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zejM1bdBtJM

Some of you guys may not know, but in the past, I have spent months traveling around the Balkans in southeast Europe. Come along with me and my dad as we try delicious Balkan street food in Miami!

For this flavor adventure, we headed to Rakija Grill in beautiful downtown Miami. Inside, it reminded me of the farmhouse-style restaurants I had visited in places in the Balkan region. I met Miroslav and Marija, who took me back to the kitchen.

We got to see them prepare some goulash, sarma, Karadjordjeva schnitzel, pita bread, cevapcici, a Serbian burger stuffed with cheese, burek, and more.

Rakija Grill also has a mini market where you can buy sweets, sauces, meats, and vegetables from the Balkans. On the wall of the restaurant is a giant map of Yugoslavia, which broke up to form the Balkans.

Then, at the bar, we tried some rakija. They chill the glass in ice. They have several varieties of rakija, including peach, raspberry, plum with honey, quince, grape, prune, and even one with 23 karat gold flakes called the Golden Rooster!

Then, it was time to eat! We had 11 different dishes. We started with the schnitzel, which has mozzarella cheese inside. I loved the contrast between crispy, creamy, and meaty and the lemon and tartar sauce give it a nice zest.

Next was the 15-piece cevapcici inside the huge pita bread. We had it with a pepper sauce called ajvar. It was so flavorful, and the bread was delicious but different. You can also eat it with a thick yogurt sauce.

After some energizing prune rakia was the Serbian burger. It’s a monster! It’s great with ajvar, which is way better than ketchup!

Then, we dove into the sarma, which was to die for! It’s full of meat, rice, and spices. The flavor is incredible and I loved the textures. It’s Miroslav’s grandmother’s recipe!

We cleansed our palates with a strong raspberry rakia and then tried Uštipci, which is a puffy Serbian donut, with a creamy yogurt.

Next were red peppers stuffed with feta cheese. They’re addicting and have some spiciness to them! Roasted red peppers are so abundant in the Balkans. They’re soaked in olive oil and are so soft and so healthy! It’s super fresh and tasty!

Then, we had the burek, which was served with a yogurt drink. It’s soft and full of yummy layers but is crispy on the outside!

Next was the goulash, which falls apart in your mouth. It’s creamy and has a nice broth as well. It’s a super hearty dish!

Next was the prune rakia, which is so good! Then we went for Serbian salami, which is unique and full of flavor. There was also some yummy, gamy dried beef and a prosciutto-like meat. After that was shopska salad, which is a refreshing Bulgarian staple with cucumbers, tomato, and parsley with feta cheese on top.

We followed that with a monstrous meat platter with cevapcici, a Serbian burger, veal sausage, and chicken. The veal sausage was super unique and the chicken was very nice. Next was the apricot rakia, which is like a port wine, and a peach rakia, which is unbelievable! We finished up with a fantastic grape rakia with a beautiful clarity.

For dessert, we had tulumba (fried dough that’s slow-cooked and soaked in sugar syrup). It’s crumbly and contains lemon zest. We followed that with a Greek-style baklava with walnuts. We also had some chocolate with cream, which was different and had a crunchy cookie on the bottom. It’s also creamy and fluffy!

Next was some Barovo wine from northern Macedonia. It was incredible! We ended with Turkish coffee, which was strong and gave us some energy!

Where have you been?

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