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BASKETBALL TIPS!! 12 Days of Tip-mas (Day #11) -- PO...

Shot Science Basketball Follow
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  • 6 years ago
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Today's tip: POST ON THE PEG! So often we see post players (or any player for that matter) post up right on top of the block on the key. This is WAY TOO LOW to have any hope at being an offensive threat in the post. If you go baseline side to the basket, you'll immediately find yourself under or behind the basket. Simply by taking a big step up the key to the first PEG, you'll open up a HUGE advantage for yourself in the post. You can take the ball either way and the defender has to respect both options; making it much harder to guard you.

So just remember (even if you're not a post player) that you should post up by straddling the first peg!!

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See you next week!!

-Coach Tom


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Shooting -- How to shoot a basketball:

Dribbling -- How to dribble a basketball:

Offensive Moves -- How to beat the defense:

Defense -- How to play defense:

Layups -- How to shoot a layup:

Post Moves -- Playing in the Post:

Drills -- How to practice and basketball drills:

Vertical Jump -- How to Jump Higher (Increase Vertical Leap):


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