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BASKETBALL TIPS!! 12 Days of Tip-mas (Day #9) -- MAK...

Shot Science Basketball Follow
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  • 8 years ago
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Today's tip: MAKE YOUR FREE THROWS! So often we see players that are great offensive threats, but they can't make a free throw to save their life. This is just unacceptable because they are one of the few opportunities you'll have to make a completely uncontested shot. On top of that, you should put considerable time into perfecting your foul shots because you should be taking a good amount of them in your games. That's because we suggest being offensively aggressive and actively drawing the defense to foul you. So get your percentage up and you'll not only get the easy extra points from free throws, but they'll also have to think twice about contesting your shot, which will lead to open opportunities. THEY'RE FREE!!

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See you next week!!

-Coach Tom


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Shooting -- How to shoot a basketball:

Dribbling -- How to dribble a basketball:

Offensive Moves -- How to beat the defense:

Defense -- How to play defense:

Layups -- How to shoot a layup:

Post Moves -- Playing in the Post:

Drills -- How to practice and basketball drills:

Vertical Jump -- How to Jump Higher (Increase Vertical Leap):


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