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Beguiled Murlocs - Two Pet Strategy for Dazed and Co...

Hazelnuttygames Follow
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  • 5 years ago
Murlocs pet battle! How to beat the Allured Tadpole, Confused Tadpole and Subjugated Tadpole at the Beguiling Orb with only two pets for the Dazed and Confused and Adorable Pet Battle World Quest in Legion. This lets you powerlevel a level 1 pet and get your Dazed and Confused and Adorable World Quest out of the way super quickly. The Beguiling Orb which starts the battle against the baby Tadpole Murlocs is found on the beach in Azsuna, and is only available to engage when the pet battle world quest is up.

Strategy! The battle pets I used to beat the Murlocs were Zomstrok (Infected Claw/Shell Shield/Carpnado) and a Giant Bone Spider (Bone Bite/Sticky Web/Leech Life). The Zomstrok can be swapped for a snail (Absorb/Shell Shield/Dive) if needed and Bone Spider could be traded for any Undead pet in a pinch. Bring any leveling pet you like (even level 1!) and have it in your second slot.

Round 1- Start with the Zomstrok. Shell Shield, Carpnado, then spam Infected Claw. It actually is smart to use Carpnado in vs the first pet because you're getting valuable damage against the whole team while taking basically no damage from stampede and acidic touch. Maintain your Shell Shield buff and keep spamming Infected Claw, which should get you all the way to the third tadpole before your Zomstrok dies. When it goes down, bring out your leveling pet and swap right away to your Bone Spider. Sticky Web-Leech Life-Bone Bite or just spam Bone Bite if it's almost over.

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