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Best Camera Strap for Travel Photography?

Brendan van Son Follow
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  • 8 years ago
To get 40% of one of these camera straps, visit here: http://www.brendansadventures.com/best-camera-strap-travel-photography/

When I got my 6D a couple weeks ago, I knew that I also needed a new camera strap for it. I hate, nay, I despise the camera straps that come with DSLRs. I really don't understand how you can sell a $2000 camera and sell a terrible strap like Nokia, Canon, and Sony do. They aren't just bad, they are painful to wear. And, when a camera and lens combo weighs over a kilogram, minimum, a bad camera strap can actually cause a lot of pain.
Anyways, the nice people at Indigo Marble sent me one of their camera straps, and I have to say, it's basically perfect for travel photography. It's got a nice wide, and very soft, strap that makes it really easy to wear and also distributes the weight of the camera very well on the shoulder. But, what I like about it best is that when using it, the camera basically sits on the hip like a gun in a holster. Then, when you're ready to shoot the camera comes up from your hip to your eye with moving your shoulder strap at all. It just glides.
Really it's a great product, and one that will likely be attached to my 6d for a long time.
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