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Best Friends Play Super Mario RPG (Part 12)

TheSw1tcher Follow
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  • 6 years ago
Website version: http://superbestfriendsplay.com/?p=8180

The months following their walk home were possibly the happiest months in Square-chan's life. She and Nintendo-senpai had started dating, and their romantic escapades quickly became highlights of her highschool career. Nintendo-senpai was surprised at how things went as well. It wasn't his first time dating, but the way he felt towards Square-chan made it feel like it was. One day, after a prolonged visit to Lego Land Nippon, Nintendo-senpai finally built up the nerve to ask THE QUESTION. "S-Square-chan... would you want to make... to make a game with me?" His face went red as he asked her. "EEEEEHHHH?!~~ A-a-a g-g-game? I-I've never done that with anyone else before..." She also blushed also. "I-i-if you're okay with me... I'd love to try making a game with you, Nintendo-senpai...". Nintendo-senpai approached her, and pulled her into a loving handholding session, as all intimate Japanese couples are known for. Even though he had gotten the best possible answer, he was still as nervous as could be. What if his hardware wasn't blast enough? Was his sound card okay? These were questions he would force himself to forget in order to make Square-chan's first game making session a memorable one. They walked off together into the Lego Land Nippon sunset. It was time to get to work.
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