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Better Digestion, Weight Gain, Stool and ALCAT results

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  • 3 years ago
This is part one of my update. Here is part two:

Now that I'm mostly stabilized I'm going to start Andy Cutler chelation (frequent low dose) with DMPS. 2.5 mg every 6 hours. I talk more about it in part two.

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Please see my Facebook page for my full story. In the about section, click full description. I describe how I went from a pretty awesome guy, to severe social anxiety, to full on chronic fatigue syndrome, and how I plan to recover.


The short version:
Hi, my name is PJ. I'm a 25 year old guy documenting my healing journey from severe social anxiety, severe acne, and now, chronic fatigue syndrome to extreme health and wellness using a functional, holistic approach. As a kid I was always somewhat shy and timid, but I had a good childhood. I had friends, I was smart and was good at sports. Social interaction/social anxiety and self esteem issues got worse with age, starting around age 14. I became incredibly shy and awkward around people. I was the shyest kid in my entire highschool. I never spoke unless I already knew you. At age 16 I started getting severe cystic acne, covering my face. This lowered my self esteem even more. I was put on antibiotics, antidepressants, Proactiv, Retin-A. Nothing helped. They didn't address the root cause of my symptoms. I knew something inside my body was wrong and I would have to take control of my own health.

My healing journey started in November 2012 when I realized my issues were caused by my unhealthy toxic body. I tried MANY failed health protocols, diets, supplements, and skin care routines. Still, I wasn't getting to the root cause of my suffering. Then I started seeing naturopathic doctors who did testing, but still didn't find the root cause. They found high cortisol, low testosterone, hypothyroid, 20 food allergies, low vitamin D, and severe candida overgrowth. These are all symptoms of something else, secondary to the root cause. We started treating these symptoms and detoxing my body, recklessly and incorrectly. This made me much, much worse. I ended up with chronic fatigue syndrome that I still have today. Everything in life became exhausting. I needed to sleep all day. I couldn't do anything anymore. Then we tried treating my candida overgrowth multiple times with high doses of antifungals and a candida diet. This messed my body up even more. My digestion got extremely messed up and I became malnourished and lost 30 pounds. The yeast kept on coming back. Why did this happen? Because I was mercury poisoned and nobody knew it. All the detoxing, diets, antifungals, and candida/parasite cleansing I did over the course of 2 years added to my overburdened liver. Detox can be dangerous!

I decided to look into heavy metal poisoning again with the help of a friend. I had all the symptoms for it, even since birth. My hair mineral test revealed deranged mineral transport, implying mercury poisoning. This is the most reliable test, other than chelation. I found out that mercury poisoned people often have recurring fungal infections, and other immune disorders. Mercury interferes with every system in the body, especially the brain and nervous system. There are many horror stories out there of unsafe chelation protocols. Then I found the Andy Cutler chelation protocol. AC chelation is safe because it is frequent, low dose using TRUE chelators (not cilantro or chlorella) according to their half life. Now I continue documenting my journey on the Andy Cutler chelation protocol, finally taking care of the root cause of my suffering, mercury poisoning! To learn more about where I've been, mercury poisoning, heavy metal testing, and chelating the safe way, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. To see my full health story go to my Facebook page.


The 3 biggest things I've learned on my healing journey so far:
1.) Diet and supplements aren't always the solution or the root cause of illness.
2.) Detox can be dangerous if done incorrectly. There is a safe way to detox! Don't rush it!
2.) Don't always trust the doctors, even the natural ones. Do your own research. Don't let the doctors hurt you anymore! I've made all three of these mistakes. I know, it's hard to know who to trust. I think we eventually find our way with enough time and experimenting. Sometimes we just need to learn it for ourselves, so I understand how people don't always benefit from others' experiences. I've been there. Don't ever give up, because after this tiny struggle a really long happy life is waiting for you. :)
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