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★★ BHD Storytime #1 - Revenge Of a Pissed Off Walmar...

BlastphamousHD Gaming Follow
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  • 7 years ago
★★ MORE Real Life Stories PLAYLIST http://bit.ly/1d3JtV1 ★★

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walmart employee revenge is about how I got revenge on a walmart customer at a past job of mine.walmart employees don't play damnit lmao.

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this is a story about how I got revenge on a super jackass of a customer who for no reason other then the fact that his day was going terrible decided to try to get me fired from my job.the way I got him back was pretty messed up though if I do say so my self lol even though he richly diserved it.at walmart a lot of the customers are dicks.i was a walmart employee who was tired of all the crap that walmart employees have to put with from the dick bags from walmart so I was like screw this shit this walmart employee aint bout to take their shit no more lol.
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