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BlankBlood Plus [ブランクブラッドプラス] Game Sample - PC/Douji...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
  • Video description
  • 12 years ago
BlankBlood Plus is another ryona "mini-game" within the three "game" set (Milia Wars, Zanarabi, and BlankBlood Plus) and a variation of the original BlankBlood (Blank Blood). The triple pack (Which is titled "Ryonage no Kanzume" or りょなげの缶詰) also came with a complimentary Gallery application which provided various artwork for fans. For all intents and purposes, it's inferior to the original BlankBlood; one of two playable characters from the original, Nana / 奈々, is absent, and it's just a ultra-repetitive run down the same corridor except the enemies get a little tougher each time. To be blunt, it's quite terrible really, even if the game is omake-related or not.

While I more or less stated what the game is like in a nutshell, I'll explain a little more. Playing as Ryo(u)ko from the previous BB, you go from left to right fighting a few familiar adversaries from the original game. She has limited abilities (and doesn't appear to get any new skills like in the previous game), can slowly heal over time, and can break free from enemy capture. At the end of each level is a treasure box (a homage to the original,. though some of the treasures served more of a purpose in that game), where you can get a positive or negative item from a roulette wheel which has an instant or temporary effect. You also have a timer which, when it runs out, starts running up "negative" time. You don't die when this happens, but you lose points at the end of a level instead of gain them. The game has a few simple vore CGs that are "rewarded" to you when you die against enemies a certain way... but you can just as easily go in one of the game folders and view them that way.

I don't know if the game ends (I got seriously bored after B12), but it's not a good game and seems unusually high on system specs... my computers can barerly run the game at 60FPS in 16bit color mode, but can run far more advanced games easily in 32bit color mode so... yeah. Here's a video of the first few floors.
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