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Blueberry Grenadine Pie : Trailer Park Cooking Show

Jolene Sugarbaker Follow
  • Video description
  • 7 years ago
Make a Fresh Blueberry Pie The Easy Way! With Grenadine Syrup!

Join Jolene Sugarbaker inside The Trailer Park Test Kitchen as she whips up another Trailer Park Treat!

In today's Episode, Jolene shares with you her favorite recipe for a Blueberry Pie!

It's super easy and if you use a Store Bought Crust, it doesn't heat up your Kitchen!

It's the perfect Pie to end Summer!

Grenadine Syrup can be found in the Alcoholic Mixer Section, it's a thick red syrup!

It used to be made with Pommegranites, but now it's most likely made with Corn Syrup.

You can make your own Grenandine Syrup or even the crust for this pie if you want to get really fancy!

Grenadine is often used in Shirley Temples, a great drink for Little Kids (No Alcohol!)

It can be used to make Mixed Drinks look prettier, with a dash of red or pink!

Today we're going to use it as the base of our Blueberry Pie! It lends a great sweet taste!

Questions for you!
What kind of pies do you like?
Do you like Blueberries?
What was the last type of pie you made?
When was the last time you used Grenadine?

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Jolene Sugarbaker
The Trailer Park Quen
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