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Bomberman Game Sample: N-Gage

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 3 years ago
Original Air Dates: September 29th, 2009 / March 21st, 2010 (Revised, upgraded and extended today!)

The 1985 classic has made its way to the N-Gage, and while it doesn't really add anything new, it's still a great portable game and one of the better games in its library. Bomberman has a lot of the staples found in other Bomberman games; There are plenty of power-ups (Bomb, Flame, Detonator, Skates, Safety Vest, Louie, etc.) and a bluetooth versus mode (for two players), but there are also a few "Secret Items" hidden in "Secret Stages" which can only be gotten under certain conditions in each of the game's eight worlds. For example, you can get one in the first world by beating the boss without using a single bomb. The secret items are large versions of various power-ups that give permanent +1 upgrades to Bomberman that he'll keep even if defeated (all your stats normally reset to level one).

The graphics are okay and the music is pretty good by N-Gage standards; the soundtrack is definitely catchy and the audio is quite loud by default (I actually turned it down a bit). As a little trivia, almost all of the music itself is modified from other Bomberman games such as "Bomberman Online" (Dreamcast: Title Screen, Factory World, Underground Canal World, Desert World, Highway World, Boss Theme, Victory Theme, etc.) and "Bomberman Generations & Jetters" (GameCube: Standard World, various), which were slightly underrated games. Some levels are larger and scroll the screen vertically or horizontally, but most maps are small and somewhat randomized as far as enemies and objects.

This video was originally meant to be a little longer (going over a little of the Forest World), but my camera was recording in AVCHD Progressive mode at max resolution, which eats up memory very quickly and cut off just after the boss. As-is, I can only get about 13 minutes of video. The audio was captured internally with a 3.5mm audio jack plugged into the N-Gage with a female-to-male 3.5mm-2.5mm stereo adapter (the N-Gage uses a 2.5mm port), plugged into my XRGB-Mini and converted into HDMI to be captured by my Elgato, then merged with the camera footage in a video editor (the background noise was deleted). The N-Gage was stationed in a small phone stand to minimize movement. The gameplay would be better if the camera wasn't right on top of my screen and wires weren't in the way. This is a video of the game in action going over the first world. Our previous video was not removed (for posterity) but has been listed as "Outdated". Enjoy.


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