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Bomberman Party Edition Game Sample - Playstation

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
  • Video description
  • 9 years ago
Bomberman Party Edition is an enhanced remake of the original 1983 Bomberman game by Hudson Soft, released overseas by Vatical Entertainment and Virgin Interactive. We uploaded movies for the game about three years ago, but have now compiled a high quality game sample for the game.

The game allows you to play the original 1983 game with fifty levels as well as a more modern version with fifty levels (where the theme changes every ten levels). Aadditionally, you can play an added Battle Mode which features two dozen stages between different modes as well as a variety of course-specific characters and pets that stem from Bomberman, Super Bomberman 3, and Super Bomberman 4. It's a pretty good Bomberman title without too many extra bells and whistles and worth tracking down for Bomberman fanatics and casual multiplayer/party game players as well.

This is a video compiled of several aspects of the game as well as a segment in Modern Mode that shows an unusual item not documented in any FAQs for the game that I just happened to capture that rewards the player with ten million points (looks like it's one of the developers of the game). Enjoy.

UPDATE: This video was reconverted to remove the glitches from the stream. Ahh, much better. Of the three programs we have purchased/downloaded (Emicsoft HD Video Converter, Media Converter 7, and Quick Media Converter) to convert TS (Transport Stream) files, Media Converter 7 yields above average conversion speed and lowest conversion quality but the greatest stability. Quick Media Converter yields average speed and moderate stability but the greatest conversion quality. Emicsoft offers the fastest conversion speed, average quality, but the lowest conversion stability. As a reminder, it wasn't the recording bitrate at all that glitched the footage, but the program I originally used to convert my transport stream. We will generally use Media Converter 7 and Quick Media Converter from now on.
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