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Borris Blisterbottom Villain Bootcamp (Skylanders Tr...

TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl Follow
  • Video description
  • 6 years ago
Sky Dad is playing Trap Team on the 3DS! Villain Bootcamps follow after Level Completion (in this video it was UNDERHALLS). The first villain, Borris Blisterbottom, goes to camp! :)

☢ Intro + Chapter 1 UNDERHALLS: Dream Sheep & Borris Blisterbottom: http://youtu.be/yLyolye1oOA
☢ Borris Blisterbottom Villain Boot Camp: http://youtu.be/AHPX7jE57ls
☢ Chapter 2: Stoneshrire Islands (Sacred Town) Spike McPokerton: http://youtu.be/ZWkGCyP1XOA

►Skylanders Trap Team LAUNCH videos:
☢ Nitro Krypt King Surprise: http://youtu.be/8vMRehnTYzE
☢ HUGE Wave 1 Surprise (Traps, Trap Masters, Minis & Starter Pack): http://youtu.be/mggtGYQNiS4
☢ Traps Unboxing Race w/ Kaos & all 8 Elements!: http://youtu.be/QxrBY8pdsGc
☢ Minis Unboxing Race w/ Spry, Bop, Hijinx & Drobit + More (Earth, Magic, Undead & Tech Double Packs): http://youtu.be/cvCYWha9jl4
☢ Sky Kids Unbox Funny Bone, Chopper, Sureshot Shroom Boom Wow Pow: http://youtu.be/zsUHNfGoA38
☢ Sky Kids Unbox Wildfire, Gusto, Krypt King, Jawbreaker w/ Wallop: http://youtu.be/QXv8nP4qTo0
☢ Villain Toys! Tablet + Skylanders Custom Ipad Curprise! w/ Tidal Wave Gill Grunt: http://youtu.be/Oe0TrNRLkL0
☢ Epic Unboxing Pt. 15 WALLOP CAN FLY?: http://youtu.be/0w-nsibltJY
☢ Epic Unboxing Pt. 16 TORCH vs. TORCH Battle Mode??: http://youtu.be/vXjDpp3OEIs
☢ Dark Edition Starter Pack Unboxing w/ Custom Dark Portal: http://youtu.be/zc6BoIk8fq4
☢ Dark Edition Surprise: Lights Out (Mom & Dad Electricity Prank on Kids): http://youtu.be/99ZRiR9LN5g
☢ All Skylanders Trap Team In-Game Variants: http://youtu.be/JfcaWbmEGQ8

►GAMEPLAYS on XBOX ONE (w/ Face Cam)
☢ Trap Team Introduction w/ Soda Spring Chapter: http://youtu.be/-jWwP1yuNOc
☢ Know It All Island Chapter 2: http://youtu.be/NfXOcXExB3k
☢ Chompy Mountain Chapter 3: http://youtu.be/k9HW5Brxr44
☢ Phoenix Sanctuary (Psanctuary) Chapter 4: http://youtu.be/kaEJqDlWsMo
☢ Chef Zeppelin Chapter 5: http://youtu.be/nLvWphuwfw4
☢ Rainfish Riviera Chapter 6: http://youtu.be/uHl6MKtHMzo
☢ Monster Marsh Chapter 7: http://youtu.be/TMEG9F4YN0Y
☢ Kaos' Boss Battle - The Ultimate Weapon Ch. 18 (No Commentary): http://youtu.be/I0bqcB1Ez4k
☢ Kaos' Quest + Evolved Gameplay (No Commentary): http://youtu.be/sQpI68NAzwU
☢ Kaos' Rockstar Skaletones Evil Off Showdown Song: http://youtu.be/_eSsOsLSgWs
☢ Dr Krankcase, Krankenstein, Threatpack, Bone Chompy, Smoke Scream Gameplay: http://youtu.be/rNo5CqZwRDM
☢ Dream Catcher, Golden Queen, Grave Clobber, Scrap Shooter & Bad Juju gameplay: http://youtu.be/kJCy4FKPgxw

♩♪♫♬ Skaletones FAMILY Showdown # 1: I'm A Tree! w/ All Tree-Like Characters on Easy, Medium, Hard & Expert ♩♪♫♬: http://youtu.be/7SbURuqe4rw


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