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  • 7 years ago
Here is the low down, Travis and I filmed the original boyfriend tag but he knew the answers to all the questions so it wasn't fun. I haven't even posted that video. (If you want me to post it, let me know). I decided to come up with a custom boyfriend tag so the answers were harder and to see if he really was a good boyfriend. I WAS ASTOUNDED BY SOME OF HIS ANSWERS let's just say that after filming this video I didn't talk to him for half the day LOL. He got in trouble lol. I did make up these questions on my own so I will leave them down below in case you want to use this custom boyfriend tag for your own videos, I personally think they are way more fun and truly put your boyfriend to the test. These are also fun questions to ask your boyfriend just in general even if you don't want to make a video to see how well he really knows you. I hope you like this video and if you want to see more videos with Travis in the future let me know and we will make some more. Love you all, sending all my kisses and positive energy your way! xoxo

Channon Rose


1.) What's the craziest thing I've ever done?

2.) What's my favorite song right now?

3.) If I could choose any career what would it be?

4.) What's my natural hair color?

5.) If I could choose to live on a lake, beach, or in the mountains which would I choose?

6.) Who is someone I look up to?

7.) How old was I when I got my first tattoo?

8.) what's the name of my last ex boyfriend?

9.) if I could go on a free vacation anywhere where would it be?

10.) what is my favorite flower?

11.) what was my favorite subject in school?

12.) what was my college nickname?

13.) what is my worst childhood memory?

14.) what kind of underwear do I wear?

15.) what is my biggest fear?

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Channon Rose

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