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Brad Pilon: Intermittent Fasting (IF), "Eat Stop Eat...

Abel James Follow
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  • 8 years ago
Get Ripped with Intermittent Fasting here:


Today we're here with the best-selling author of Eat Stop Eat, intermittent fasting extraordinaire, and modern day Adonis, Mr. Brad Pilon.
You folks have been begging me to get him on the show for a while now, and I don't blame you. He's a totally cool dude. We talked for 2 hours. (Don't worry, the show is only an hour. But we could have talked for 6.)

Through appearing on National Television, speaking at National Scientific Conferences and his best-selling book Eat Stop Eat, Brad has definitely done his part to help millions of people become aware of the amazing health benefits of fasting.
Brad has a super cool story. After watching too many episodes of The Incredible Hulk, he caught the muscle bug. By 14, he had a subscription to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and by 16 he was selling supplements to bodybuilders at his local supplement shop. He went on to earn an honors degree in Applied Human Nutrition and eventually worked his way up to Research and Development Manager at a top supplement company.
He traveled all over the world, meeting with leading researchers in the field of muscle building and fat loss. Brad had meetings with Mr. Olympia champions, dinner with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and workouts with 400 pound strong men.
Then something surprising happened. I discovered that a number of things I believed to be true were in fact false, AND I discovered that much of what I thought to be false was actually true. (Sound familiar?)
He dove back into academia and originally focused on proving that intermittent fasting was complete bunk. He found the opposite, promptly realigned his relationship with the universe, and became one of the most prominent figures in fasting research and is largely responsible for bringing IF to the public eye.
And if you're still worried that your muscles will shrivel up and die if you don't stuff protein down your gullet every three hours, here's what fasting 1-2 days a week looks like...

, Brad and I chat about:

Why you don't need to abandon your social life and lead a miserable "fitness model lifestyle" to have a fitness model physique
Why it may be acceptable to break your fast if you just crashed your brand new car into the curb
Why you don't need a $400 supplement pack to "cleanse" your body
Why BCAAs may be overrated
How much protein to eat (or not eat) for optimal fat loss and muscle gain
How life is too short not to enjoy single malt scotch and cigars
And Brad answers listener questions about Bulletproof coffee, how many calories snap you out of fasting mode, and how and when to exercise during a fast
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