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Burn $400 Instead of Buying This

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  • 4 years ago
I burned $400 cash because this thing sucks and I rant about overpriced tech on Amazon! DON’T BUY THIS EVER! ►►Get Subscribed ►► http://bit.ly/1XW29LB

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The Pono Player is the biggest waste of money ever. It’s for people who care about their music but to be honest, I couldn’t hear a difference. It’s a total joke for the price and everything about it sucks to be honest. I thought Kickstarters that raise millions of dollars on futuristic awesome inventions were supposed to be cool, but I guess not.

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Hey I'm Keaton from TechSmartt and I make videos showcasing the coolest tech around. Yeah, that sounds like my mom wrote that first part, but really I find the coolest tech that exists. From overpriced headphones to showing off tech that somehow exists in this world.
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