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C9 vs TSM Playoff Final Highlights Game 5 S4 NA LCS ...

Kaza LoL LCS Highlights Follow
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  • 9 years ago
Draft LCS Teams and Win Money $1,000,000 prize pool at Vulcun: http://goo.gl/y5Cxtr
More match statistics and vods viewable on Leaguepedia - http://goo.gl/s2TYR7
Hai Yasuo vs Bjergsen Orianna | TSM vs C9 Game 5 | Team Solomid vs Cloud 9 Game 5 | C9 vs TSM Playoffs Final | Cloud 9 vs Team Solomid Game 5
S4 Summer 2014 Playoffs Final
1st Place Playoff match
Season 4 NA LCS Playoffs
League of Legends Championship Series Summer 2014
S4 NA LCS Regional final Game 5
League of Legends World Championships 2014

NA LCS S4 Summer 2014
FULL GAMES: http://bit.ly/1gu8Cu4
FULL MATCH HIGHLIGHTS: http://bit.ly/1jSI46D

EU LCS S4 Summer 2014
FULL GAMES: http://bit.ly/1j5IKiU
FULL MATCH HIGHLIGHTS: http://bit.ly/1gNMziy
Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1oZa2wJ

WATCH ALL-STAR 2014 FINAL: http://bit.ly/1jvglaO
ALL-Star Paris 2014 FULL playlists below.
Full Games[Spoiler Free Bo3/Bo5's]: http://bit.ly/1hzHu7N
Highlights: http://bit.ly/1qi0tNK
Montages: http://bit.ly/1nl2mab

NA S4 Summer Promotion Full: http://bit.ly/1hyxC1L
NA S4 Summer Promotion Highlights: http://bit.ly/RVFvoQ
EU S4 Summer Promotion Full: http://bit.ly/1iiENqy
EU S4 Summer Promotion Highlights: http://bit.ly/1jVhd5L

S4 NA Spring Playoffs Full: http://bit.ly/1mpGFmz
S4 NA Spring Playoffs Highlights: http://bit.ly/1rbQhBt
S4 EU Spring Playoffs Full: http://bit.ly/RuQUeW
S4 EU Spring Playoffs Highlights: http://bit.ly/1jQC6k9

NA LCS S4 2014 FULL games: http://bit.ly/1fGxyhb
NA LCS S4 2014 Highlight reels: http://bit.ly/1ceb2ZQ
EU LCS S4 2014 FULL games: http://bit.ly/L8M1Fq
EU LCS S4 2014 Highlight reels: http://bit.ly/K8FwBG

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