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Cách làm CHÈ KHÚC BẠCH - Vietnamese milk jelly des...

Savoury Days Kitchen Follow
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  • 2 years ago
Video chia sẻ cách làm CHÈ KHÚC BẠCH chuẩn vị, kèm theo rất nhiều mẹo và bí kíp thành công. Để xem danh mục nguyên liệu và đầy đủ các lưu ý, mời các bạn vào link: http://www.savourydays.com/cach-lam-che-khuc-bach/
This dessert has been a very popular street-foods in Vietnam. You may find it strange but the combination of creamy panna cotta (or milk jelly), sweet longan, crunchy almond slices and pandan sugar syrup is something nobody can resist. And once you try it, you will want to make it again. I'm pretty sure about that ;)

Printable recipe coming soon on my blog at www.ricenflour.com



300 ml (1-1/4 cup) milk at room temperature
300 ml (1-1/4 cup) whipping cream at room temperature
60 g (1/4 cup) caster sugar
21 g Gelatin powder or leaves/ sheets
15 ml (1 Tbsp) strawberry syrup or some drops of red food color and strawberry flavor
2 g (1 tsp) matcha/ green tea powder + 15 ml/ 1 Tbsp hot water


1 litre water
5 fresh or frozen pandan leaves (optional)
90 g rock sugar (can be substituted by caster sugar)


1 kg fresh longan or lychees or 1 can of 1 lb. longan or lychees (strawberries, mangos, canned peach also go well in this recipe)
15 g/ 1 Tbsp basil seeds (optional)
40 g sliced almonds

* pandan leaves, rock sugar, matcha powder, longan, lychees, basil seeds are available in many Asian groceries
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