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Cage Who? (Table Top Simulator: Guess Who)

The Great ChilledChaos Follow
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  • 6 years ago
Internet! There are some days where you just have to kick it off Old School Cool, and play some Good Old Guess Who! There are also days when you need to play some Cage Who Too! This is that Day!

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TehSmarty had showed me a really cool game mode for Table Top Simulator. The game where you can play your favorite classic board games across the internet with a group of friends as if they were actually there in person. And by favorite classic board games...I mean whatever is available in the Steam Workshop.

Anyway, the Game mode at hand is called Cage Who, and it is a variant of the classic game Guess Who. Guess Who is a game where each player gets a random 'character' with defining features (In our game its going to be a Random Nicolas Cage) and attempts to guess what the other players random 'character' is based on the Pool of Character on the board.

For Example
Player A Picks his character.
Player B Picks his character.
Player A then asks 'Does your character have glasses'
If Player B's character has glasses, Player B will answer Yes.
Player A will then look at the pool of characters and get rid of all of the people who dont have glasses, in attempt to narrow down the card that Player B has.
Player B then goes and asks a question and the game continues until one person guesses the right character.

Smartys Channel

Music By Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech
Intro Song By Bensound - Moose
Outro Song By SGF Productions - Super Intro

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