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#CakeTalk Episode 28

How To Cake It Follow
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  • 7 years ago
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Would love to see you in the next Cake Talk! We'll go live again on Thursday August 18th at 9:30am EST! http://bit.ly/CakeTalkEpisode29


(In the order I answered them)

1) Modeling chocolate or fondant? Which do you prefer?

2) What is the hardest part of baking/decorating a cake?

3) How many layers can a cake hold up with out dowels to support it?

4) What is your main hobby OTHER than baking?

5) At what time in your recent past have you felt the most passionate and alive?

6) How would you react if Beyonce baked a cake with you?

7) What advice would you give to someone who is attempting to make baking videos for YouTube?

8) Can you remember your recipe by heart?

9) What was your first thought about YouTube?

10) How long does simple syrup last for?

11) When levelling a cake, how do you know when you accidentally cut into the cake making a crater? And if it happens what do you do to fix that problem?

12) When did people start to call you Yo?

13) How many hours on average do you spend working on a cake like the ones you post?

14) How many cake pans do you own?

15) Does gum paste taste good?

16) How do you deal with the humidity and fondant?

17) Do you ever feel sad or reluctant to cut into one of your beautiful creations?

18) What does cookie butter taste like?

19) What do you do with your cakes? Eat them or give them away?

20) What means lowest setting on the fridge?

21) What colour paste should I always have?

22) Is it always assumed that you will bring the cake to a party just because you make cakes? Do you feel obligated to always bring one?
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