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"Call Me Maybe" - Baby Parody - WhatsUpElle

WhatsUpELLE Follow
  • Video description
  • 8 years ago
If you like this, you'll LOVE our mom channel!! http://bit.ly/ELLE2
♥ THRIFT SHOP PARODY!! http://youtu.be/G-VEShIj1cQ
♥ GANGNAM STYLE PARODY!! http://youtu.be/7iheCrwQQlI

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Starring: Presley & Presley's BF, Nathan
Presley's Vocals: Alyssa (Elle's Sister)
Nathan's Vocals: Drew (Nathan's Dad)
Concept: Connie (Nathan's Mom)
Filming & Editing: Elle (Presley's Mom)
Craft Services & Clean Up: Ross (Presley's Dad)

Original "Call Me Maybe" Video by Carly Rae Jepsen: http://youtu.be/fWNaR-rxAic


I dropped a toy on the street
Don't worry, mom will retrieve
I look at you, head to feet
And now you're in my way

I think our mommies are friends
They talk and talk to no end
I want to play in your pen
You look the other way

Your belt was holdin, ripped jeans, diaper showin'
bubbles, you were blowin'
Where you think you're going baby?

Hey, I just met you,
So why you runnin'?
I'm still waiving
You're misbehaving

I think you're funny
Look what mommy gave me
so here's my number,
call me, maybe?

Don't know what this is...
You guys are crazy!
I peed my pants, an-other diaper maybe?

It's hard to look right
I'm just too hungry?
But you've got something
That sure looks yummy...

You took your time with the call
I think I made my phone fall
It's somewhere under these balls
Now I'm stuck this way

You beg borrow and steal
Are you with me for real
I'm looking for my next meal
I'll pat your head anyway

Your stare, I am feelin'. My mail, you are stealin'. Don't care, head is realin'
Where you think you're going baby?

Hey, I'll come get you
I like your puppy
And all your play stuff
Your drums are lovely

I don't say much
I'm just a baby
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

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