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Cannibal Roller Coaster Construction Update #3 (HD) ...

Deathbyillusion Follow
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  • 6 years ago

Construction Update 3 of Cannibal Lagoon's 2015 New Roller Coaster!

NOTE: All shots were filmed in areas accessed to the public/guests and not in unauthorized areas.

Farmington, UT (September 4, 2014): Lagoon unveiled plans to debut the most exciting roller coaster in the park’s history, Cannibal. According to Julie Freed, spokesperson for Lagoon, “We have named it Cannibal, because in our collective mind it will eat other roller coasters in their tracks!” Cannibal has been under construction for over two years and is set to open for the upcoming 2015 season. This steel roller coaster is one of a kind, and is primarily manufactured and constructed locally.

Cannibal will be the tallest attraction on the park with a height of 208 feet. This state of the art coaster will thrill riders with its unique elements unlike anything else at Lagoon. Riders will be lifted 208 feet on a vertical lift and then plunged into a free fall at a break-over angle of 116 degrees into an underground tunnel. The 12 rider vehicles travel up to 70 miles per hour through three inversions. Cannibal will be the most exciting thrill ride in Lagoon history and is unlike anything else in the country.

Stats as Released to Us By Lagoon:
Tower Height: 208 Feet
Track Length: 2,735 Feet
Ride Time: 2 ½ minutes
Maximum G Force: 4.2 G’s
Maximum Speed: 70 miles per hour
Maximum Inverted Loop: 140 Feet Tall
Riders Per Car: 12
Rider Capacity Per Hour: 1,200
Minimum Height to Ride: 46 to 48 inches, to be determined
Budget: $22 Million

Unique Ride Elements:
Vertical Lift
Inverted Loop
Diving Loop
Underground Tunnel
Exclusive thrill element to be announced at a later date.

Manufactured and constructed locally
Over 75% of contractors and vendors are from Utah
Significant Local Contractors:
- Automotive & Industrial Supply
- Border States Electric
- Brundage-Bone
- Codale Electric Supply
- Colonial Building Supply
- Fastenal Company
- FOR-SHOR Company
- GEM Buildings
- Geneva Rock Inc.
- H&E Equipment Services
- HOJ Engineering & Sales
- Intermountain Concrete Specialties
- Intermountain Lift
- Lakeview Rock Products
- Marmon/Keystone, LLC
- Marz Precision Manufacturing
- Masco, Inc.
- Mountain Crane Services, LLC
- Pacific Steel
- Petersen Incorporated
- Pilot Freight Services
- Quality Fire Protection
- Richards Sheet Metal
- T.H.B. Inc.
- Wadsworth Brothers Construction
- Ward Engineering Group
- Wells Fargo Bank
- Wells Fargo Equipment Financing
- Wilson Brothers Trucking

Information from Lagoon Park/ http://www.LagoonIsFun.com

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