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Cantonese Stir Fried Milk (大良炒鲜奶)

Chinese Cooking Demystified Follow
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  • 2 years ago
Stir fried milk! A classic Cantonese dish from Shunde, this stuff is borne out of this corner of Guangdong's rich dairy traditions. While 'stir frying milk' may seem a touch head scratching at first blush, what we're really doing is making sort of a cross between scrambled egg white and a thick Béchamel (using starch instead of a roux though, of course).

There's a few different ways to crack this nut, and we went with a sort of restaurant style where you scrape and layer your egg/milk mixture. There's other ways too though, which I'll talk about in the Reddit post and also a bit in the notes below.

Full, detailed written recipe is over here on /r/cooking:


As for the egg yolks, quick aside on the direct sun-drying method. This was a way that fishermen in the coastal PRD (e.g. Hong Kong, Toishan, Macau) would use up egg yolks, as they used egg whites to make fishing nets:

1. Apply a thin layer of salt to a bamboo mat (or a large baking tray). Lay a cheese or tofu cloth over the salt.

2. Separate the whites from the yolks, then rinse the egg yolk in water. Carefully place on the mat.

3. Sprinkle a bit of salt on the egg yolk. Do not get too greedy, else the yolk can break.

4. Place under direct sunlight. You can do this in one afternoon but it's best if you give yourself some flexibility and do it in the morning.

5. Once the yolks have hardened a bit and are no longer gooey, ~3 hours, flip.

The bury-in-salt method is also legit, though we would still have a couple quibbles with Weissman's video that we showed footage of. Not gunna go too hard on him though, because he did teach us to grate salted egg yolk into pasta, which's awesome...

And check out our Patreon if you'd like to support the project!


Outro Music: คิดถึงคุณจัง by ธานินทร์ อินทรเทพ
Found via My Analog Journal (great channel): https://youtu.be/GHaL5H-VYRg

We're Steph and Chris - a food-obsessed couple that lives in Shunde, China. Steph is from Guangzhou and loves cooking food from throughout China - you'll usually be watching her behind the wok. Chris is a long-term expat from America that's been living in China and loving it for the last twelve years - you'll be listening to his explanations, and doing some cooking at times as well.

This channel is all about learning how to cook the same taste that you'd get here. Our goal for each video is to give you a recipe that would at least get you close to some of our favorite restaurants here. Because of that, our recipes are no-holds-barred Chinese when it comes to style and ingredients - but feel free to ask for tips about adaptations and sourcing too!
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