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Cell Phone Problems

MaxNoSleeves Follow
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  • 7 years ago
Cell Phone Problems

1. No Joke whenever I'm at 99% I frantically search for a charger
2. I hate getting calls in the bathroom.
3. Pretend to be on the phone and it Rings: has actually happened to me a couple times.
4. Sext someone Else: thank GOD that's never happened to me I'm not much of a Sexter.
5. 10 new voicemails -- I always get zero missed calls and like 20 VM
6. Mad they didn't respond and it never sent: this happens to me a lot too! WTF Steve Jobs
7. Voicemail's still recording: For some reason this used to happen to me ALL THE FUCKING TIME, especially at work.
8. Crack in my phone, turns out it's just a hair.
9. AutoCorrect -- I think this must be what happens
10. I always try to mute the phone for farts and shit.
11. Jacking Off when Dad Calls: haha luckily I don't jack off using my phone.
12. iPhone 3G so ghetto - #FirstWorldProblems
13. Lost... better tweet about it: because then someone can tweet you directions right? TWITTER
14. Cups & String: that shit never ever worked for me I dunno maybe because I used dental floss.
15. Loading -- seems to take for fucking ever.
16. No hands -- I've texted using my nose before.
17. "..." Probably the most annoying fucking thing in the world when you're waiting for those little dot dot dots.
18. Dropped Call kills me.
19. Dies- yes this is a Darth Vader reference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWaLxFIVX1s
20. Old Phone is it bad that I kinda want a phone with snake again? Nokia FTW
21. No Phone: better call collect son.
22. Banana Phone: greatest song of all time? http://youtu.be/j5C6X9vOEkU
23. Shoe Phone: Just call me Maxwell Smart.
24. Not Your Phone: never happened to me thank golly
25. Big Phone: I can't fucking WAIT for the iPhone Grande or iPhone XXL or whatever the fuck they're going to call it.
26. Hand Phone: I've done a couple deals via hand phone.
27. Head Phone: Professor Xavier (aka Prof X aka the Leader of the X-Men) I am not.

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