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Champagne Sous Vide Steak - COOK WITH ME.AT

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  • 3 months ago
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Ingrediens for a Champagne Sous Vide Steak

1 Bottle of Champaign
1 Steak - Rib Eye / Roastbeef works well
Salt / Pepper



Pour the Champagne into a small pot (big enough for the Steak) and bring to 48°F / 118°F, either with a Sous Vide Stick, Thermo Control Stove or a Thermometer.

Place the Steak into the Champagne and cook „sous-vide“ aka. poach for 50 minutes. Then dab dry the ME.AT, season with salt from both sides and preheat a pan for high heat.

Sear the Steak for 50 seconds from each side, season with pepper and enjoy!

Stay tuned and see you soon, your Christian from COOK WITH ME.AT.


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