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Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market and Chiang Mai Saturd...

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  • 4 years ago
In our latest travel video we visit Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market and Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Tonight we are visiting the Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai and right now we are at Thapea Gate and this is where the market starts running one kilometer into the old city. So we're going to be wandering around, sampling some food and showing you what it is like over here on a Sunday.
So you can buy a lot of handicrafts here at this market. For example, silk, scarves, wood carvings. You can get some paintings. They have ceramics. Silverware. Lots of jewelry. I mean you can browse here for hours on end. And trinkets galore. Mmmmm.
Background music playing.
When you get tired of walking around in the night market you can just head over here to sit down and relax and get a nice Thai foot massage. Thirty minutes for two dollars right? Probably.
Actually it's 80 Baht for the foot massage. You can get a cheaper one at the Chiang Mai park.
Sizzling noises.
Crowd noises.
One spring roll. Yeah. One tempura. One of this. One of this? Ah, yeah one.
Well you sure loaded up with some tasty treats. Okay, so this is my second dinner. I have some deep fried tempura eggplant with a sweet and sour sauce on top and fresh spring rolls with carrots and cilantro maybe and some noodles. Okay, try one of them? And that would be? It tastes very healthy. Hahaha! Is it good? Mmmm, it's not as flavorful as I would have hoped. Here, have a look. It's actually bean sprouts not noodles. I was wrong. Bean spouts and tofu and some carrots. And what is this over here? Well, I must have been a monkey in a past life because whenever I get a chance to try a banana I'm always in there. And this is the deep fried version. So, it's already kind of smushed up here. Awesome. Does it have some kind of special sauce over top? No, there is no special sauce it's just deep-fried and the banana is really mushy and moist in the inside.
Okay, this is my tempura eggplant. Mmmm. Okay, that tastes a lot better. It's almost like a french fry. Can I say that? Yep, it has a nice sweet and sour sauce over top and it's very oily. Um, but that means it is very flavorful. French fry on a stick.
And that concludes our visit to the hectic Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market.

So it is Saturday night in Chiang Mai and today we are heading to the Saturday Night Market.

Well, we're still a few blocks away but I know we're close. You know why? Because I can smell the food.

What do you got there? So I got myself a twisted potato which is a lot like the tornado chips we used to have in Korea. It looks like it is all seasoned? It's nice. Barbecued flavored. You're going to be sharing that?

You are wasting the chips.

Yes, blueberry. That looks good. It's like blueberry cheesecake with ice cream. It's going to be messy.

Snow ice cream with blueberry sauce drizzled over top. How articulate. Mmmmmmm.

So what did you get? I've got some pan-fried dumplings that are very similar to the Korean gun mandu that we often had when we were living as teachers in Korea. So let's see if these are as good? They look hot. Yeah. Pretty good.

Someone found his favorites here. So what started as just a little snack out here at the market has turned into a full on feast. I've got dim sum and fried spring rolls. Looking good. I got this - German sausage. Very good.

And in case we didn't quite have enough to eat - a sweet little dessert treat. So that is a banana and egg roti with lots of chocolate and condensed milk drizzled over top.

We came to this night market. We were supposed to go for a walk but guess what? We ended up having a massive feast and so instead of exercise we were gorging the whole time but it was worth it.

This is part of our Travel in Thailand series. We're making a series of videos showcasing Thai culture, Thai arts, Thai foods, Thai religion and Thai people.

Proudly presented by: http://nomadicsamuel.com , http://smilingfacestravelphotos.com , http://thatbackpacker.com & http://backpacking-travel-blog.com

All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).
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