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Chicken Noodles Recipe /Restaurent style Chinese Chi...

Cook with Lubna Follow
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  • 4 years ago
Chicken Noodles Recipe

Chicken Noodles is one of the most favorite Chinese dishes and is so easy to make restaurant style chicken noodles at home. And the benefits are lots of chicken in the noodles, much healthier, and tastes a million times better.

Noodles are kids favorite and I am sure adults would also love it. The best part is that it is so easy to make noodles at home. I like to throw in a bit of veggies to my chicken noodles....and its always what is available in the refrigerator..


300 grams boneless chicken
300 grams noodles
1 big capsicum chopped
2 carrots chopped
2 stalks green onion chopped
1 medium size onion chopped
8-10 cloves garlic chopped
3 tbsp tomato sauce
2+2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp chili sauce
1 tbsp white pepper powder
1 tbsp black pepper
1 tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp oregano(optional)
2 tbsp salt
1/2 tbsp chilli flakes
4-5 tbsp oil


marinate the chicken with 1/2 tbsp white pepper, 1/tbsp black pepper,vinegar and salt for 15 minutes
in a pan, boil 2 liter water, add 1 tbsp salt and 1 tbsp oil
add noodles
cook them for at-least 10 minutes on medium flame
after 10 minutes, strain them and wash them with running water
spread 2 tbsp oil on them to avoid stickness of noodles
in a pan add 3 tbsp oil, heat it
add chopped garlic,saute it for few seconds,add onion, fry it.,add capsicum and carrots
now add soy sauce, black pepper, white pepper and sat
fry it for few minutes
put these veggies out in a plate
in same pan add marinated chicken, fry it for 3-4 minutes
add 1/2 cup water and cook it for 5 minutes
now add noodes and veggies
add 2 tbsp soy sauce, chili sauce and tomato sauce
add oregano and chilli flakes mix really well on medium to high flame..
garnish it with green spring onions
serve hot

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