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ClickPlay Time Walkthrough HD

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  • 8 years ago
ClickPlay Time Walkthrough All Levels HD
1. Pull down the zip on the jacket.

2. They're yellow, they live in Springfield, they're Homer and Marge.

3. Click on the cats showing items/things that cat's don't like (water, dog and vacuum Cleaner).

4. Read the clue as if it were turned 180 degrees (5707).

5. Click on the bulb which pulses (upper left corner). Watch the bulbs eyes as it looks in the direction of the next bulb you should click.

6. They're ready for adventure and they are, Finn and Jake.

7. Follow anything that is red and resembles an arrow. 1st room -- follow the gnomes hat . 2nd -- click the box to reveal a red arrow. 3rd -- NEWS stands for compass directions and S is red. 4th follow the sleeping guys hat. 5th -- click the arrows until you find a red one. 6th -- click all the red pieces to make an arrow. 7th -- follow the birds beak. 8th -- Click the arrow twice until it's red again. The full sequence is - up, right, down, right, up, up, left, left.

8. The symbols are just mirror images layered over themselves (1524).

9. Hold on the clock to make the alarm go off. Pull the worm up and click on his key. Click on the chest to unlock it, the drag one of the cloths to the monocle to clean it.

10. They live on Sesame Street and the are Bert and Ernie.

11. Put the story in order. Click the 2nd panel 3 times. Click the 3rd panel 1 time. Click the 4th panel 2 times.

12. Count the dots on the dice, which you either can/can't see depending on the eye symbol (9766).

13. Memory time! Click the ninjas in the order they appear.

14. An ogre with a donkey, it's Shrek and Donkey.

15. Click the arrows to make them fly off the screen. You have one extra move which you will have to use as one of the arrows will become blocked and you will need to move it to remove the rest.

16. Click the creased corners to reveal some numbers, then read the in the order indicated in the clue (1374).

17. The stripes reflect the length of the girl's names.

18. They solve mysteries and they are Shaggy and Scooby.

19. Pick up on coloured person at a time, taking them to the bank of their colour.

20. Read the abbreviated months backwards and follow the arrow (2896).

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