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Clock Tower 3 Game Sample - Playstation 2

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 4 years ago
Clock Tower 3 is the third Clock Tower game released outside Japan, but the fourth title in the series overall, co-developed by Capcom and Sunsoft in 2002/2003, who have acquired the series from the original team, Human Entertainment. It also marks the last official entry in the series (to date), although it is followed by a spiritual sequel (and a game that is Clock Tower in almost every way but name), Haunting Ground. Clock Tower 3 varies from the original point and click series as it allowed players direct control over the protagonist, removed the multiple endings, added boss battles, and borrowed some mechanics from Resident Evil. The game was also ambitious, enlisting the aid of famed film director Kinji Fukasaku and the legendary chops of "Cozy" Kouji Okada of Atlus fame for music. While not often seen as the "Definitive Clock Tower Experience", it is perceived as a solid game in its own right and as redemption from the previous game "Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within".

The setting is modern London (2003) and story revolves around Alyssa Hamilton, a fourteen-year-old boarding school student who hasn't been home for years due to mysterious circumstances involving her mother, who feared for her daughter's safety. One day however, Alyssa, nearing her fifteenth birthday, gets an even more cryptic letter from her mother that compels Alyssa to go home against mom's wishes, where she encounters an ominous man in black and gains more than she bargained for. Now Alyssa is thrust into a mystery traveling through time and space while learning about her origins and the mysterious powers she possesses. The game loosely follows plot points from the original games (such as having a tower, revolving around a teenage girl, incorporating a "scissorman"and having descendants from the first two games), but does not require any previous knowledge of past games to enjoy.

Gameplay wise, Clock Tower 3 does a pretty good job of being suspenseful and engaging, even if it is a little redundant at times. The game uses the same camera system in most spots as many Resident Evil games from back in the day and retains the "Fear" system where players become frightened if confronted by various threats or hear certain sounds. In this game, if a player's fear gauge becomes full, they go into "Panic" mode where Alyssa becomes difficult to control, stumbles and shakes randomly, and loses the ability to think rationally and hide. If Alyssa is hurt during panic mode, she will die, but there are various items at your disposal to help prevent such a fate. For the purpose of this video, we illustrate some of them.

Your goal is to find clues and put tormented souls to rest while searching for Alyssa's mother, but players will be confronted by more than just restless spirits and traps; the most challenging aspect of this game are the "stalkers" (subordinates), devious entities that appear randomly or during certain intervals with the intention of making you backtrack or panic. It's up to you to be aware of your surroundings and always plan an escape route as Alyssa's only means of defense outside of the environment is some holy water to temporarily stun her assailants. Once Alyssa has learned enough about the stalker, she can do battle with him and utilize the powers of her bloodline to defeat them. Battles are fairly straightforward -- Alyssa can shoot them for mild damage or bind them and perform a super attack for great damage.

The game's atmosphere is right where it needs to be due to the haunting musical score and the presentation is fairly good for its time, particularly the animation during in-game cutscenes (although it's sometimes a little over-the-top). The game's flow is also good as the developers decided to break the game up into "stages", so you can't move on to one task without finishing another. While the game can be frustrating every now and then, it's engaging enough to see to completion and worth a purchase before its price gets out of hand like many previous-gen classics (seriously, some of the old-school games are easily going for anywhere from $100-$1000+). This is a video going through the first stage. Enjoy.
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