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Cold Steel Recon Scout: A Wilderness Standard

nutnfancy Follow
  • Video description
  • 12 years ago
If someone tells you they're serious outdoorsman ask to see their knife collection. If they don't have a Cold Steel Recon Scout knife (or one like it filling the same role) be careful of the rest of their claims. They're armchair warriors. Fact is, at its price point, the CS Recon Scout performs extremely well in the wilderness in such tasks as emergency shelter making and firecraft. This is mostly due to its full flat ground 5/16" thick blade that acts like a wedge when wood splitting. It also hacks quite nicely as well. And I should know: I've used this particular Recon Scout hard in several wilderness outings and always came away impressed with its capabilities (see my other Recon Scout videos). Other features include: a recoil absorbing Kraton handle, a totally waterproof plasic sheath with QD capability, an unsharpened swedge bowie blade (also suitable for defensive use), a strong tip, and a 20 oz weight (reasonable for its capability). Downsides? Well this Carbon V version and its SK-5 follow-up steel will easily rust. But still these steels are durable, hold an edge well, sharpen easily, and won't chip in the dirt (like SanMai III). Also I have seen a Recon Scout break while batoning in very cold conditions...maybe the result of sharp 90º angles (non-rounded) at the hilt that induced stress. Still it's a great blade and this particular one has been proven in several snow campouts so I trust it. The Recon Scout and its even better larger brother the Trailmaster set the standard for wilderness blades. But the competition is catching up, even at this approx. $65 cost (SK5). Witness the Ontario SP5 and SP10, the RAT7, and the RTAK II. Nevertheless these Cold Steel survival blades will always be at the top of their game in the back country, holding their own.

Nutfancy Likability Scale: 10 of 10

Note: Sorry for the yellow color of the video...I was still learning my camera settings as I started out with these videos.
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